All Seasons - Lawn and Landscape Services

Lawn Mowing - An overgrown lawn will make your property look disheveled and untidy. And you most certainly won't be happy with the way it looks. Let us take care of the mowing and trimming. You can take the credit for the beautiful, meticulously maintained lawn that will make your neighbors green with envy.

The timing of mowing is the key. Mow too soon, and you risk a burnt, sun-fried lawn. Mow too late, and not only has your lawn been looking unruly, but now you are dealing with heaps of grass clippings that you'll spend double time raking and dumping. DiMonte Lawn and Landscape will assure that your lawn stays at the optimum length for growth. It's a scientific fact that, if your lawn is cut too short, the sun cannot reach the blades of grass, which will cause the grass to die and will allow weeds to form.  

We'll carefully monitor both your property and the weather conditions and will plan ahead for the perfect timing of mowing, setting an efficient lawn maintenance schedule.

Our typical cutting season is from the beginning of May to the end of October, but we all know that we have to be flexible, depending on the New England weather.

DiMonte Lawn and Landscape Packages - DiMonte Lawn and Landscape offers three packages to its customers. You can select the package that best meets your needs. Of course, if there is a drought, mowing will be offered on an as-needed basis on a schedule that you determine. We base pricing on the size of the lawn. 


Mowing and string trimming every other week.


Mowing and string trimming each week.


Mowing, string trimming, full bed maintenance to eliminate weeds.

With the Gold service, you can add special requests. For example, some of our customers ask us to trim their shrubs each week.